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Panasonic R&D Center Singapore Won a Silver Medal in a Kaggle Competition

January 21, 2022 | Project

Panasonic R&D Center Singapore won a silver medal in a Kaggle competition titled “ – Pawpularity Contest”, which started on 23rd September 2021 and ended on 15th January 2022, after finishing the top 1.58% out of 3,537 participating teams on the final private leaderboard.  In this competition*, participants analyzed raw images and metadata to predict the popularity of shelter pet photos, by training and testing AI models on’s thousands of pet profiles. 

* Background of this competition [extracted from Kaggle]:

A picture is worth a thousand words.  But did you know a picture can save a thousand lives?  Millions of stray animals suffer on the streets or are euthanized in shelters every day around the world.  You might expect pets with attractive photos to generate more interest and be adopted faster.  But what makes a good picture?  With the help of data science, you may be able to accurately determine a pet photo’s appeal and even suggest improvements to give these rescue animals a higher chance of loving homes.


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