Panasonic R&D Careers Singapore

Journey with us to breathe life into dreams of people and technology.

At Panasonic R&D Center Singapore, research and development is more than a job. It’s a calling to creation of value and contribution to society. It’s to think along with our customers – feel the pulse of their needs, collaborate, invent, innovate and contribute.


Innovation is an integral part of the work culture at Panasonic R&D Center Singapore. To us, innovation goes beyond doing something better; it is to attempt things we never thought possible. Our strong patent portfolio recounts our calling to resolving some of the most challenging issues that society has been faced with. Moreover, we recognise the unique traits, value and skills each individual brings to the workplace, and believe that innovation comes from seeking out and inspiring collaboration in all dimensions.


Joining Panasonic R&D Center Singapore is about joining a culture of openness, collaboration, trust, and the invitation to have a voice to be heard. Our culture also encourages a sense of belonging and inclusion, to mirror our founder’s management philosophy. Konosuke Matsushita believed that we should “Develop people before making products”. Such a business philosophy is timeless and remains valid regardless of where our business takes us. Working at Panasonic R&D Center enables you to be yourself at your best as you build a robust future together with Panasonic.

At Panasonic R&D Center Singapore, research and development is more than a job. It’s a calling to creation of value and contribution to society.

We make the most of our people’s skills and ambitions as we give them opportunities to put their ideas into practice.

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Work Hard, Play Harder

We strongly believe in work-life equity and understand the difficulty of achieving a balance. What is life with all work and no play?

We allow our members to independently manage their time between business and personal lifestyles by offering flexible working hours.

To encourage healthy living, we subsidise our members’ personal sports events and also conduct free or subsidised exercise classes within the company’s premises.

This includes a ping pong table, aerobics and dance classes, and annual company activities. A pool table and soccer table are also available for our members to use during lunchtime, after-office hours and recreation programmes.

For the convenience of nursing mothers, our private and hygienic lactation rooms are easily accessible for nursing needs.

Employee Appreciation

Mini festive and birthday celebrations are held on a regular basis as we understand the importance of cultural appreciation and personal touch.

To inspire Panasonic R&D Center Singapore employees and uplift the work they do here, we come together to organise corporate annual dinners and open invitations to family members for eventful bonding activities.

Employee Testimonials

Karthikk Subramanian (AI)

Started June, 2012

A personal favourite project of mine revolves around developing Artificial Intelligence technology for autonomous vehicles. I consider it a benchmark for all my achievements as I’m able to keep on top of the latest technologies and be part of the competition to bring the world forward. We also have a lot of fun during Family Day events and inter-team activities!

Wu Zheng (3D)

Joined since 2011

The work in Panasonic R&D Center Singapore is challenging and interesting. Here I experience the most advanced technologies of computer vision, SLAM, 3D, especially those related to autonomous driving and robotics. We always encounter difficulties and manage to solve them. In this process I maximize my potential. More importantly we develop the technologies for practical applications. I feel happy to see my development transformed to products.

Wang Chi (AI)

Started May, 2015

I find that Panasonic R&D Center Singapore is a place where new ideas sparkle. Due to the nature of research and development, there is always an interesting topic to investigate, challenging problems to solve and innovative discoveries to be made. For myself, this is an ideal place to build great solutions to improve people’s life. As a part of Panasonic, we have been given the ability and resources to create something big and impressive, and I feel proud to be a member of this great adventure.

Fangwen Tu (AI)

Started September, 2017

It’s very exciting to work in an R&D Center with plenty of opportunities and courses to get us up to speed on the relevant expertise. Everyone in the company is always friendly, patient and willing to help. I have learnt a lot from them and I can see myself improving every day! Working on a 3D visual mapping project spurred me on further because our clients would gain the benefits of a more portable and efficient solution. I look forward to our team bonding events every quarter because it gives us the chance to share ideas and interact with people beyond our teams.

Lowis (AI)

Started May, 2016

I am proud of how adaptable and versatile our teams are. Our capabilities and developments are interconnected and we are able to contribute to many different projects. Everyone here is kind and funny with unique perspectives. Team leaders play an important part in shaping our journeys and guiding us as well. I also got the chance to take part in an international competition with the company, and learned a lot in Machine Learning implementation and audio processing techniques. The company also holds celebrations, parties, as well as annual festivities like the Dumpling Festival and Christmas!

Yasotha Kathiraser (IP)

Started Jan, 2017

Throughout life here at Panasonic R&D Center Singapore, I have worked on various projects with different scopes such as patent litigation analyses of semiconductors and patent analyses for new business model propositions for products. I find it interesting that these are markedly different projects, but they all have an important business impact which I have begun to understand and appreciate. Being in the IP Group has opened my eyes to new, emerging and disruptive technologies. I have also had opportunities to gain valuable knowledge from attending global conferences.