Video & Audio Technologies

Evolving Cognitive Function in A/V Technologies

Panasonic R&D Center Singapore experience in video and audio compression technologies bridges over 25 years of research in Next-Generation codec compression of data.

Steering the technological direction for audio and speech AI technologies has set a new target for breakthroughs. Advanced Machine Learning (Deep Learning) can be routed through technology for the automatic detection and intelligent classification of sounds.

  • Reading the emotions behind speeches
  • Discerning between acoustic events
  • Keyword detection & control

Next-Gen A/V as a Conduit of Communication

Our focus in Deep Learning technologies has also revolutionised the way Audio and Visual technologies can be customised to interact with the environment for amplifying any type of perceived signal.

  • Audio and visual noise reduction
  • Speaker detection
  • Zooming and tracking of sound sources based on audio and visual cues

Through signal processing, we are able to modify these signals to analyse them and synthesise key perceptions to drive a holistic experience of any event.

Next-Gen A/V is fast becoming a competitive on-demand technology with critical applications:

  • Immersion based standardisation in entertainment such as VR, AR or 360° videos
  • Audio intelligence capabilities such as sound recognition and security surveillance
  • Hardware design for video and audio processing algorithms for encoder and decoder innovations

With more than 100 patents granted in this area, our A/V compression technologies have also been widely adopted into International Standards.

Working with A/V Technologies at Panasonic R&D Center Singapore gives researchers an edge in their R&D careers by means of collaboration with partners and patents. Projects involve creating a common solution for practical concerns around the world. Travel opportunities include regional expeditions to the U.S, Europe and Japan.

Related Applications from this Research

  • Recognizes and executes uttered command for controlling the appliances with a low latency and high precision
  • All-day real-time monitoring of areas. Alerts security personal when situations like weapon or fire occurs.
  • Sensing Human Emotions using non-verbal cues, such as facial expressions and tone of voice powered by AI.

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