Image Processing & 3D Technologies

Machine-Configured 3D Awareness

Panasonic R&D Center Singapore is the pioneer within the Panasonic Group in developing 3D technologies, encompassing image sensors, visual detection, in-camera image processing, 3D reconstruction and perception, and 3D traffic scene understanding.

Our image processing and 3D technologies combine visual technology and AI technology (Deep learning) for a collective intelligence in navigating physical topography.

Our Expertise

Visual Mapping & Localisation
Advanced Image Processing using AI
High-Accuracy, Multiview 3D Reconstruction
Flexible, Accurate Multi-Sensor Calibration
3D Rendering & Real-Time Projection Mapping
3D Scene Understanding & Free Space Estimation
2D to 3D Conversion
Image Alignment & Video Stabilisation
Depth from Single/Stereo/Motion images
Structure from Motion

Making Society a Better World for a Better Life

This collective awareness generated by the infusion of 3D imaging technologies with machines places us in a prominent position to engineer practical applications through rapid prototyping activities on real platforms.

Not only are we capable of developing advanced cutting-edge technology and implementing it in real life:

  • Improving/Sustaining business productivity at a lower cost,
  • Ensuring safe mobility for the elderly and physically challenged;
  • Creating a safer, faster and less accident-prone environment for public transport

We are also a customer-centric technology innovator, solution provider and front-running enabler in commercialisation and business-oriented development:

  • Augmenting and customising visual intelligence and imaging solutions tailored to companies
  • Applying 3D Technology, structure from motion and visual odometry to self-driving automobiles and mobile robots

The versatility of image processing and 3D technologies opens up a world of possibilities at Panasonic R&D Center Singapore. Every individual will be given the freedom to explore your ideas, put your theories into practice and hone your knowledge. Gain recognition for career achievements and exposure to multiple industries.

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Related Applications from this Research

  • Visual Mapping and Localisation using Surround-View Cameras: Realised low cost
  • Camera-based solutions to enable affordable AV with high safety, reliability, robustness and comfortability. Being tested on real roads and deployed in Singapore. Achieved centimetre-precise accuracy under challenging conditions including night-time, rainfall, flyovers, and GPS-denied areas such as tunnels
  • Low-complexity Deep Learning for Real-time Perception: Realised high accuracy in multiple object detection using our in-house customised lightweight deep learning network. Running at 100 fps on embedded platforms
  • Holistic 3D Traffic Scene Understanding
  • Sensor Fusion for Fail-safe Operations
  • 3D Point Cloud Mapping, Compression, and Processing
  • 3D Visual Localisation for Indoor and Outdoor Uses: Low-cost and robust solution to achieve high accuracy for both indoor and outdoor using cameras
  • Place Recognition for mitigating kidnapping situations: Applying visual intelligence and AI to ease users
  • Real-time 3D parcel sensing, 3D Dimensioning and Projection Mapping
  • Parcel detection and tracking using AI for improved efficiency and increased productivity
  • AI based Image Denoising and Deblurring for High-sensitivity and Low-light Capturing
  • AI based Computational Photography with Privacy Protection
  • High Dynamic Range Imaging with Motion Blur removal
  • Depth from Defocus for ultra-high speed AF
  • Image Alignment with 6DOF, 2D-3D Video Stabilisation
  • ToF + VSLAM for Autonomous Vehicles
  • ToF based Human Skeleton Sensing for Automotive vehicles
  • ToF based Obstacle Detection, Noise Reduction
  • Structure-from-Motion, Multi-view Dense 3D Reconstruction, Free-view Rendering
  • 360 degrees of immersive experiences
  • 3D Mapping and Rendering for Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), Virtual Reality (VR)

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