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One-Stop IP Services & Open Innovation Service​

IP Consultancy

Panasonic R&D Center Singapore is at the vanguard of the IP landscape, providing sound advice and one-stop support to our clients to conduct IP securing activities.

This comes with the need to anchor technology and market exploration strategies for generating global business growth in legal compliance. Our IP Group’s vast experience in IP review management stretches across jurisdictions in the USA, Europe, China, India, Japan and ASEAN.

Utilising Panasonic’s world leading unique competency framework in IP Consultancy, we host a rich array of IP legal services polished by years of experience in the realms of technology and business markets.

IP Monetisation

With the growing global interest for intellectual property commercialisation, we capitalise on our strong technical expertise and extensive knowledge of the industries and current markets to serve your business needs.

  • IP Portfolio Mining
  • Infringement Scouting
  • IP Valuation
  • Evidence of Use
  • Patent Pools
  • Licensing Support

IP Intelligence

Accurate and comprehensive intelligence is critical for making informed targeted decisions to draw valuable insights and achieve our clients’ business goals.

  • Market Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence
  • Technology Forecast

IP Risk Mitigation & Surveillance

Upon due investigation and assessment of the asset quality, we evaluate potential liabilities and finalise the complete risk assessment for further procedures.

  • Prior Art Search
  • Infringement Analysis
  • Patent Risk Landscaping
  • Litigation Profiling
  • Freedom to Operate (FTO)

Business Advisory

Our advisory role allows companies to confidently craft short and long-term business strategies, from operating or exploring to venturing into a global business environment.

  • IP & Business Strategic Advisory
  • IP Training
    Patent Quality

Amassing experience in both Offensive and Defensive IP activities in the global arena for over 10 years, we are a strong watch post for new IP developments. The wide range of technologies we cover internationally includes:

  • Audio-visual technologies
  • Mobile communications
  • Healthcare
  • Energy management
  • Automotive systems
  • Internet of Things
  • Chemical and biological machinery
  • Surveillance cameras
  • And more.

Open Innovation

Panasonic holds various kinds of technology seeds backed by a trove of patents.  We also have a rich variety of products and businesses ready to adopt new innovative technologies.

We chart out various open innovation programs in Singapore by collaborating with government-sponsored agencies such as IPI and ACE to seek out start-ups and local companies to co-innovate new business and technology.

We aim to be an open innovation hub to connect start-ups and local companies in Singapore and Southeast Asia to spur innovation and collaboration while leveraging Panasonic’s technologies and businesses.

Our current and past challenges can be found below.

Increasing access to financing

Effective technology transfer

Effective business matching

Better investment decisions

Access to the pool of selective SMEs in Japan as well as their competitive technologies

Together, we have developed a successful approach to utilising IP assets to enhance the value of our clients’ businesses. Gain new footholds in the market and leave the paperwork to us.

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