Close to 30 years of continuous renewal and augmentation have culminated in the prestige of Panasonic R&D Center Singapore today. Every challenge presents itself as a set of opportunities for us to excel and ride the tides to the next generation of advancement.

  • MD: Masaaki Yamane
  • Achieves No. 1 Accuracy of Face Recognition on the IJB-C dataset of the NIST Face Challenges
  • History in the making
  • MD: Asashi Shimodaira
  • First-Place Winner of the competition for the Mobile Manipulation Hackathon as one of the 6 finalists at IROS 2018
  • First-Place Winner of the AI Driving Olympics (AI-DO) at NeurIPS (formerly known as NIPS)
  • MD: Seigo Nakao
  • 2017: First-Place Winner of Leaderboard in the NIST IJB-A Face Challenge (as of 31st March)
  • 2017: First-Place Winner of the MS-Celeb-1M Grand Challenge (Track 1 & Track 2)
  • 2018: Panasonic Foundation Anniversary Awards including President Award and CTO Award
  • 2018: First-Place Winner of Leaderboard Track 2 (Anomaly Detection) in the 2018 NVIDIA AI City Challenge
  • MD: Akino Inoue
  • PRDCSG (Panasonic R&D Center Singapore) amalgamated under PA (Panasonic Asia Pacific)
  • 2013: President Tsuga visited PRDCSG at Tai Seng
  • 2012: Winner, Classification Method – PASCAL VOC 2012
  • 2013: Winner, 2013 VOT Tracking Championship
  • 2013: First Cloud Solution: “Cloud Stringers” granted ICT Awards 2013 at BroadcastAsia and CommunicAsia 2013
  • Power of Innovation – Patents granted: 174
  • MD: Hideyuki Kanzaki
  • 2010: Invention Award, Audio Compressing Technology for low algorithm bandwidth expansion
  • 2010: 1st Place for Best Paper Award, ICCE International Conference on Consumer Electronics
  • 2010: Winner, Classification Method – PASCAL VOC 2010
  • 2011: Winner, Classification Method – PASCAL VOC 2011
  • MD: Yasuyuki Shintani
  • 2008: Received Emmy Award to commend H.264 AVC high-profile development
  • MD: Tsuyoshi Sakata
  • Initiated UniPhier and invested in Image Recognition Research
  • Established core competence in AI – Machine Learning of face detection for DSC cameras
  • Reinforced new IPR investigation activities
  • MD: Hideyuki Oka
  • Doubled PSL’s workforce and established the new group structure
  • Started 3G projects
  • Started IPR activities
  • 2002: Received President Award, Commercialised Mobile Phone for Overseas Market GD87/88
  • MD: Yoshio Yasumoto
  • Gained independence as PSL (Panasonic Singapore Laboratories Pte Ltd)
  • 1997: Received President Award, MPEG Encoding Technology Development Group
  • 1997: Received Panasonic Award on MPEG2 standardisation contribution
  • 1999: Received Panasonic Award on MPEG4 standardisation contribution
  • Founder: Takuyo Kogure
  • Founding of AVIRC (AV Information Research Center) under Panasonic Asia Pacific (then Asia Matsushita Singapore)
  • MPEG Standardisation was initiated in 1990 as the main R&D activity in AVIRC to contribute to Panasonic’s AV Products and IPR building

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