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Navigate the Ever-evolving R&D Landscape for A Better Life,
A Better World

The World’s Technology Innovation Hub

Panasonic R&D Center Singapore (PRDCSG) is a core tech development hub primed to transform technologies into real applications for global advancement.

As a wholly owned R&D establishment under the world-leading brand of Panasonic, we strive to answer the demands of a rapidly expanding digital infrastructure.

Close to 3 decades of presence in Singapore have seen Panasonic R&D Center Singapore rising to become a foremost Research & Development entity.

Panasonic R&D Center Singapore’s core technologies are derived from pioneering conceptualisation, research, and engineered results – deployed as innovative turnkey solutions to meet customers of the future economy.

Through translating core technology into real business advantages, we collaborate with customers to:

  • Deliver effective system solutions, insights and innovation
  • Empower them with customer-centric value
  • Accelerate their business revenue and growth

Engineering the Future A Better Life, A Better World

Panasonic R&D Center Singapore is defined by Panasonic’s unified aspirations for a better life, a better world. Throughout our pursuit of knowledge and new inventions, we spare no efforts in surpassing our laurels.

Core Tech Portfolio

With an immersive core technology portfolio, our experience spans a diversity of expertise, including:

  • Image Recognition
  • 3D Technology
  • Securing Top Awards from
  • International Competitions

Tech R&D Leader

Our research development capabilities and successful track records put us within a world-class league of technological savants.

Our position also serves as a strong leverage for overseeing international and regional standardisation activities.

Rising Beyond Boundaries

We are committed to

  • Providing solutions for society
  • Readying new charters for untapped knowledge
  • Delivering our vision
  • Connecting the dots from concept to practice
  • Setting the path for progress
  • Gearing the cogs of the future for a better tomorrow

Let Our Public Achievements Speak for Us

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