Wireless Technologies

Technologies & Solutions towards a Connected World

Panasonic R&D Center Singapore researchers aspire to harness the powerful combination of wireless technologies and artificial intelligence to deliver seamless connectivity and sensing solutions for people and machines.

Our expertise in the wireless domain revolves around RF baseband, signal processing, and medium access techniques that prove invaluable for diverse modes of communication networks, as well as for sensing systems such as radar detection and tracking mechanisms for automotive applications.

Paving the Route to 5G Networks

Beyond traditional cellular applications, our work in 5G research and development will power a wide range of future industries, from Transportation, Smart Homes, Logistics and Shipping, to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Over 17 years of R&D experience cumulated from B2C and B2B applications, we have more than 100 patents granted in the wireless networking domain worldwide.

The foundation for Panasonic R&D Center Singapore’s long-standing success lies in our research capabilities and meticulous development of proof-of-concept systems. Our approach is constantly hands-on to ensure proficiency in realising these proofs of concept. As a result, multipronged opportunities are created for us to manifest IP rights in leading-edge features.

  • Collaborating with universities, government bodies or companies
  • Conducting trials and experimentations on institutional test beds in Singapore for systems and communication devices
  • Translating results into applications for businesses and customers
  • Contributing academic papers and technical specifications to industry standard gatekeepers, such as Wi-Fi alliance, IEEE 802 and 3GPP work groups.

In the wireless 5G era, our cognitive network technologies, leveraging the advancement of AI concepts, will bring wireless connectivity to the next level, providing context-based optimisations and new features.

While exploring new technologies, creating innovative assets in intelligent networks is a valuable part of our careers. Active travel opportunities and exposure to international conferences throughout Europe, the U.S. and Asia are also an essential part of the experience of working at Panasonic R&D Center Singapore.

Related Applications from this Research

  • Network deployment simulation to optimise CAPEX investment for private enterprise communication and public safety
  • Inter-cell Interference Coordination (ICIC) techniques to optimise OPEX
  • Resource management technique to improve and balance cell-center/cell-edge throughput
  • LPWAN (Low-power Wide Area Network) simulation for Cat-M, NB-IoT, and LoRaWAN technologies to plan and evaluate business deployment
  • Asset tracking using low power LoRa technology targeting battery-powered operations
  • Instant bulk data transfer using 60GHz V2X technology to enable sensor data sharing for blind spot detection
  • Sensor data aggregation using 60GHz V2X technology for improved safety and operation efficiency for smart traffic lights, bus-stops, and taxi-stands
  • Low latency high fidelity video and sensor streaming using 60GHz V2X technology for vehicle see-through and truck platooning applications

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