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Energy Solution Technology Services

A part of Panasonic R&D Center Singapore’s dedication to better society is developing turnkey alternative energy solutions for business operations.

With our end-to-end solar energy cloud-based management system, we are able to deliver highly customisable system-level solutions overseeing real-time monitoring, control, alerts and notifications with graphical visualisation.

Our technological experts are also capable of supporting third-party data analytics integration.

Energy Storage Systems
Efficient Energy Storage Systems Solutions for the Region Designed for Residential, Commercial & Industrial and Grid use Many track records of successful installation and operation
Energy Management Software
Panasonic R&D Center Singapore develops energy management software for ESS Software is highly customizable for individual customer’s needs Supports Frequency Regulation, Demand Response, Time of Use, etc.

Our energy solution services address onsite system needs by providing the following value-added benefits:

  • Business promotion
  • Tailored consultation
  • World-class engineering services
  • Accurate requirement capturing and system costing
  • Professional engineering design
  • Seamless system integration
  • Verification

With full confidence and success, we have deployed ESS solutions to clients such as AEON MALL, which we designed and installed solar panels and storage batteries to provide clean energy for its supermarkets. Our solutions have also found their way across the region to customers in countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and New Zealand.

Grow with Panasonic. Be part of a better world today with the most trusted hassle-free cloud solutions.

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