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Panasonic introduces more of the 2021 OLED and LED TV line-up powered by Panasonic R&D Center Singapore’s AI engine

April 05, 2021 | Project

Following the debut of its flagship JZ2000 OLED TV at CES 2021, Panasonic unveiled more of its OLED and LED TV line-up for 2021.

The new TV products adopted the AI engine named LVNet, which was co-developed by Panasonic R&D Center Singapore and the Digital Transformation Development Center of the Appliances Company of Panasonic Corporation.

In terms of OLED TVs, Panasonic has complemented the flagship JZ2000 TV with the new JZ1500, JZ1000 and JZ980 series, all of which, same with the JZ2000 TV, will feature the brand new HCX Pro AI processor to enable the new Auto AI picture mode.  In essence, Auto AI helps deliver an optimum experience to viewers by accurately detecting what kind of content is being viewed – for example, cinema or sports – and then automatically adjusts the picture quality accordingly.

As for LED TVs, Panasonic has revealed the JX940 series for overseas markets, and the JX850, JX900 and JX950 series for the Japanese market, respectively.  These LED TVs leverage the scene recognition algorithm to optimize the picture quality as well as the sound quality in Auto AI mode accordingly.


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