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Panasonic launched a “Panasonic Deep Tech Innovation Challenge” inviting local start-ups to leverage Panasonic’s technology & patents for business creation

Oct 21 2019 | Event

Panasonic R&D Center Singapore has launched a Panasonic Deep Tech Innovation Challenge organized by Panasonic, ICMG and ACE. This Challenge is aimed at collaborating with local start-ups and/or providing Panasonic’s technology for start-ups to create their business ideas by leveraging Panasonic’s technology and patents and further enable such ideas to materialize. Through this Challenge, we aspire to work closely with start-ups to resolve local deep issues in the South-East Asian region.

This Challenge is part of the activity of the IP Strategy Office as well as the IP Group at Panasonic R&D Center Singapore in a bid to maximize a collaborative synergy by utilizing both IP and Technology.

Submission deadline for participation in this Challenge: 5 Jun 2020 @12PM (SGT)

Find out more and be part of the Challenge now –

ACE: Singapore government’s startup support organization

ICMG: Corporate Innovation Accelerator to support open innovation activities of large companies


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