Our People

Ng Chan Wah

Senior R&D Manager

Solutions Development

Leading PRDCSG’s Solutions Development Team, Chan Wah’s main responsibility is the application of advanced technology into solutions for real life problems.

The team he helms has been responsible for developing different tools that target the development and deployment of Deep Learning technologies to make them more efficient and automated. Additionally, the team has also integrated machine learning technologies to be applied in a variety of applications – from auto-parking to question-and-answer chatbots, to social media analysis for parental monitoring applications.

Chan Wah graduated from National University of Singapore with a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering in 1999. He has since worked with Panasonic R&D Center Singapore and participated in a host of projects from mobile communications to deep learning research for artificial intelligence. Throughout the years, he has represented Panasonic in various communications related standardisation bodies such as IETF, IEEE and 3GPP, and contributed to more than 80 patents.

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