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Panasonic R&D Center Singapore marking the first full-year deployment of our AI-based Visitor Counting solution with the latest technology update at the Singapore Flyer’s Time Capsule

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Panasonic R&D Center Singapore deployed our AI-based Visitor Counting solution at the iconic Singapore Flyer – Asia’s largest giant observation wheel back in January 2021, in conjunction with the then unveiling of its new attraction, Time Capsule – an immersive and multisensory attraction to rediscover the Singapore history with a time-travelling robot.  As the Time Capsule celebrated its first full year of operation, we also marked the one full-year deployment of our solution by updating our AI-based technology to a newer version which offers value-added enhancement in terms of higher accuracy and more user-friendly visualization.  Our Video Analytics engine has enabled automatic counting of incomings and outgoings of visitors, which can go up to thousands daily during operating days, thus saving manual labour which would otherwise be required at the three-storey site.  Our enhanced solution is expected to assist Straco Leisure, which owns the Singapore Flyer, more effectively in enforcing regulatory compliance with Singapore’s COVID-19 Safe Management Measures of the day.  To date, the sustained deployment of our AI solution has been a testament to customer acceptance of our digital solution making a real positive impact on their business operations.


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