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Panasonic’s Flagship LZ2000 OLED TV Continually Powered by Panasonic R&D Center Singapore’s Neural Network Architecture

January 21 2022 | Project

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held on 4th -7th January, Panasonic unveiled its new flagship OLED TV for 2022, the LZ2000, which is a successor to last year’s impressive JZ2000.  Like the JZ2000, the LZ2000 continues to adopt the Lightweight-and-Versatile Network (LVNet) architecture, which was co-developed by Panasonic R&D Center Singapore and the then Appliances Company of Panasonic Corporation back in FY2019, to realize its AI-based features.  Same as the JZ2000, the LZ2000 is able to automatically adjust its pictures based on the type of content being displayed and the light level in the room.  The LZ2000 is additionally able to factor in the ambient light temperature, thus ensuring the best picture quality possible at any given time.  Its Auto AI picture mode works even more quickly than it did in last year’s model.  The LZ2000 features some innovations on the audio front, too.



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