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Panasonic R&D Center Singapore’s paper accepted for presentation at the IEEE GLOBECOM 2020 and for publication in its proceedings

August 18, 2020 | Project

Panasonic R&D Center Singapore’s paper titled “Big Data Scenarios Simulator for Deep Learning Algorithm Evaluation for Autonomous Vehicles” has been accepted for presentation at the IEEE GLOBECOM 2020, December 7 – 11, in Taipei, Taiwan and for publication in its proceedings. The paper was co-authored with the University of Glasgow. In this paper, we propose a computer graphic simulator with a customized fisheye lens with the distortion factor. The system is able to generate a big training and testing dataset that mimics the real environment, and also able to evaluate Deep Learning models in accordance with the Euro NCAP 2020 standard. As an embodiment of the Digital Twin concept, the usage of such virtual-world technology is able to significantly reduce costs and speed up the process of developing autonomous vehicles in the real world.


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