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Panasonic B2B Cloud Solutions Center Singapore

PBCSCSG is the first business cloud solutions center specialised in developing cutting-edge energy management, control and artificial intelligence solutions in the APAC region.

Situated within a Singapore-based regional R&D hub equipped with a competent infrastructure and highly skilled technologically savvy workforce, professional efforts have expanded our on-demand services worldwide, penetrating markets in South East Aisa, Oceania and European nations.

We offer one-stop solutions including:

  • Customer requirements capture & analysis
  • UX/UI design & conceptualization
  • Software design & implementation
  • Solutions verification & technical training

Innovative business such as Panasonic AC Smart Cloud and S-Cubo takes advantage of a dynamic and intuitive user interface portal to effectively remote monitor and control the system from a computer or mobile device anytime, anywhere.

AI Technology Applications

Intelligent Temperature Control

Intelligent controlling of temperature with AI deep learning technology. Temperature profilling for individual product in supermarket.

Product Stock Management

Product identification, product counting, ripeness detection in supermarket and convenience store.

Customer Buying Interest Analysis

Big data analysis by Panasonic cloud with AI algorithms to research customer behavior and buying interests.

Grow with Panasonic. Be part of a better world today with the most trusted hassle-free cloud solutions.

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